Friday, 10 June 2011


My main squeeze and I decided it was time to get out of town and finally use the coupon my Mom gave us for 2 free nights in the Falls. 

We both weren't working this week, so we took it as an excellent opportunity to go!

The first day we got there, we got our things at the hotel and went down to the falls/Clifton Hill to browse about.   We had dinner at the Keg and it was delicious!!  That wasn't until AFTER we dipped out of Dennys (realizing if we're gunna spend that kind of money, might as well go across the street for some real quality!) Other than that, nothing too crazy, just killing time before the sun went down.

The second day we parked at the LCBO (saved ourselves $20.00) and walked down Clifton, to the Falls to get some shots and headed to the Whirlpool Aero Car.  We didn't realize it was going to take us over an hour to walk there (all uphill) and it was so humid!  Good thing we had a huge jug of water to hydrate ourselves and we stopped in the shade along the way.  You'll see in the video how long of a walk it was, as Adam traces his finger along the map in the bus.  Yes... we hopped on a bus for the ride back... and also saved ourselves $20.00 (played stupid... lady gave us a free ride)  Once we got to the Aero Car, after eating over-priced, crappy hot dogs and fries, we didn't have to wait in line long before we hopped on.  The only thing that sucked besides it costing $25.00, was being stuck in the middle of the car and not being able to see ANYTHING! I had to push past some Americans so I could get a semi-decent look over the side.  I got better shots from the viewing deck, as you will see.  After finally arriving back to the hotel, we had a big nap and went to Tim Hortons across the street for a light, cheap meal.  We planned to hit up the Skywheel after dinner but realized we were just way too worn out to even go back out so we enjoyed our cheesy heart-shaped jacuzzi tub, and passed out around 10pm.

The third day, we got up, parked in a hotel parking lot (woo saved another $20.00!) just off Clifton Hill, and made our way to the Skywheel.  After 4 rotations, we got off, and walked along the falls.  This time, instead of staying where all the other tourists were, we walked along the back trail towards the Abandoned Ship "The Scow" - caught on the rocks in 1918.. still sits there today, rusting and disintegrating in the rapids just 838 yards (766 meters) from Horseshoe Falls.  It was neat to see, and the day was really nice! We were so sore and still really tired from the huge walk we had the day before.   After that, we made our way back (which was about a 45 min walk each way) and went to Subway before leaving Niagara for good.  

It was a wonderful trip, and I'm so glad I got this quality time with my love!!

Tuesday June 7th - Thursday June 9th 2011

All videos/photos were shot with my Nikon D3100 using an 18-55mm VR Lens.

 Adam took these 3 of me :) I've been teaching him some stuff. I love these! Thanks Babe :)