Friday, 22 April 2011


WARNING: some photos contain 18+ material.

Today I got together with the stunning Alannah H. 
She and I have worked together in the past.
And have grown together from Teens to Young Adults
I love taking her photos, as she's very artistic herself.
She is an amazing writer.
Her words are inspiring and many can relate to them.
No matter what her hardships, she always tends to find a positive way of thinking.
She'll write about her hard times.
Then remind herself, and anyone reading, that there are better things to come.
She appreciates the woman figure just as much as I do
And knows how to be a tasteful model in her own skin.
Thank you Alannah, for being so open minded and artistic 
And willing to put yourself out there for art. 
It takes alot of courage and comfort to do what you do.
Love You Girl. 

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